Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ShareThis Study Says Email Rules

You're on a website or reading a blog post and you think, "Gee my girlfriend would really love to read this too."  What do you do?  Naturally, these days you share the info via the friendly little button at the bottom of almost every online article, called ShareThis.  But how do you pass the news item along?  Do you send it via instant messenger, email, Facebook, Twitter or Digg, etc.? 

A new study by ShareThis shows that

"Email remains the tool of choice for [sharing content online], accounting for 46% of content-sharing activity compared to 33% for Facebook, 14.5% via other channels and just 6% for Twitter. People who receive links through ShareThis also tend to spend time with the content, at an average 2.95 page views per click, followed by Facebook (2.76), with Twitter trailing at 1.66."
Aha!  I knew it.  While social media is all the rage, email still reigns when it comes to sharing info with others. What this means for you.  Don't neglect email marketing.  Make it a core staple of your online communications diet.  Why?  People read (and share) email.