Monday, February 22, 2010

The Devil Knows Her Audience. Do You?

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In case you hadn't noticed (or in case things like this don't matter to you), it's Lent.  Lent is a time of contemplation, fasting, giving up life's temptations to make room for something new, something more - a state of transcendence.

I dragged myself to church on Sunday (guilt works wonders) and was struck by the gospel account of Jesus' wanderings in the wilderness.  As you may know, it's assumed that he was tempted three times by the Devil.  First, Jesus was tempted by HUNGER and the ability to obliterate it by turning stone into bread.  Second, he was tempted by what we might call FAME - the ability to flaunt his godliness by floating down from the pinnacle of the Temple, carried on angel's wings.  Third, he was tempted by POWER and the promise of owning the World. 

What I love most about this teaching is the recognition that the devil's pretty darn smart.  She knows her audience!  She knows what distracts us, drives us crazy and leads us astray.  She knows our secrets, our desires, how we really feel.  Less interesting to me is the fact that Jesus didn't succumb.  He is God after all.

Do you know your audience in a similar way?  I'm not just talking demographics or psychographics.  Do you know what really makes them tick?  How they love their kids and hate their exes.  How they worry about crime, smog and self-esteem.

Can you use this information to tempt them to do good stuff in the world? To stand up, take heed and join in.



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