Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Social Media Stuck?

This photo is from Loz Flower's photo stream on Flickr.

Not sure about the where, when or whys of using social media for your nonprofit?  Want some expert advice on how to finesse your Facebook presence?  Looking for a touch up on Twitter. (OK, enough with the alliteration.) Apply today for the Zoetica Charity Challenge

Zoetica is a new change agency founded by social media maven Beth Kanter, communications pro Geoff Livingston, and Kami Huyse.  To celebrate the launch of their new company, they are giving away a FREE consulting session at SxSW, the premiere social media conference.  You have to get to Austin, TX and find a place to stay.  But if you win, the pass to SxSW and the consulting is FREE!  Here's the overview from Beth's Blog.
"We are looking for a charity that is hungry for help but short on dollars. We will provide a Gold Pass to SxSW and you will be the guest of honor at our launch party and will get, in essence, a free consulting session with Zoetica’s founders.

We are looking for three things:

1. A description of your mission in less than 150 words
2. Your goals for social media in less than 150 words
3. Why you want to win this prize in less than 150 words

We will then ask for some contact info and for the URLs of all your current social media properties (Twitter, Facebok, Blogs, etc.). We are serious about keeping each section under 150 words. Forced brevity distills thinking and allows us to see what really matters.

We will pick the winner based on who we would most like to work with given the entries. We will make our selection no later than March 2, midnight PST.
Deadline to apply is Sunday February 28, 2010, 12 midnight PST. 

Good luck!


Aaran Macsneps said...

People are always saying things like "quality over quantity" when it comes to the media. This may be true for regular accounts, but not someone who calls himself a consultant to social networking.

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