Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Come Learn With Me!

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  • Want to learn what social media can and cannot do for your nonprofit?
  • Want an overview of tactics you can use to find new donors, members and advocates online?
  • Want information on how and why diversifying your staff can help you improve your campaign results?
 Join me for one or all of these events! 

First, on March 18, I'm joining my friend Katya Andresen, COO of Network for Good for Social Media Slam! Everthing fundraisers need to know about online engagement - and why you should care hosted by Fundraising Success.

Here is a description of our webinar.
Learn how blogs, online communities and social-networking sites likes Facebook and Twitter can help you engage supporters more fully and, if handled with care and patience, generate more funds to support your mission.

You'll leave this fast-paced session knowing how to:
  • Create, join and optimize online communities for maximum exposure
  • Gain friends and influence supporters who will spread the word about your cause
  • Attach your social-media efforts to strategies that will result in more income
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Next, on March 30, I'm joining my colleague Eric Rardin, Director of Nonprofit Services for Care2 for Nonprofits and New Blood: An Overview of Online Acquisition Tactics and Strategies hosted by ArtexInterAction.

Here is a description of our workshop. 
All businesses need to find new customers or perish.  It's no different for nonprofits, although in our case, we need to recruit new donors, advocates, members and volunteers to stay alive.  There are numerous tactics for online acquisition including Search Engine Marketing, Co-Registration, Email List Rental and Lead Generation.  This workshop will provide you with an overview of these tactics.  In addition, we'll discuss ways to evaluate the performance of your online acquisition program so that you can improve your return on investment.  Finally, we'll talk about best practices in converting new subscribers into donors through direct appeals, multi-channel conversion, and peer-to-peer fundraising.
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Finally, on April 10, I'm joining Allyson Kapin, Rad Campaign; Shireen Mitchell, Digital Sistas; and Ivan Boothe, Rootwork for Diversifying Your Tech and Online Communications Teams at the Nonprofit Technology Conference hosted by NTEN.

Here is a description of our workshop.
When we create technology we develop it for the masses to consume. When we create online advocacy campaigns we develop them to reach hundreds of thousands of people including women, men, people of color and a wide array of ages from Gen Yers to Baby Boomers. But, how diverse are your tech and online communications teams? And do the demographics of your tech teams impact your advocacy and recruitment success? Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on how and why you should consider diversifying your tech and online teams in order to maximize your nonprofit advocacy, marketing and fundraising goals.

  • Why diversity in your tech teams will make your nonprofit's communications, fundraising and organizing stronger.
  • How nonprofits can recruit diverse tech and online communications staff.
  • Tools and strategies for nonprofits looking to broaden their appeal to a more diverse audience of supporters.
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