Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Art and Science of Fundraising Online

The art and science of fundraising online
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I had a lot fun today doing this presentation for the Association Foundation Group with my frolleague (friend and colleague) Allyson Kapin, Founder of Women Who Tech and Partner at Rad Campaign.

Our Takeaways?

You need 4 things to raise lots of money online:

1. A great (and GROWING) list
2. Killer landing pages
3. Non-crappy content
4. A mind for measurement!

Bonus:  You also need to break out of your organizational silos and get everyone working as a team so that you can maximize your efforts and STOP arguing about what goes on the homepage!



Julia McCoy said...

I like the "bridge builder" position. I feel that with our country's changing demographic, it's very important to recognize other cultures before your competition does.

farhan rauf said...

I like the idea that now countries are offering culture exchange program in universities. It's great to learn about cultural differences.

jim said...

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Arvind Chaudhary said...

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