Friday, August 6, 2010

Want a Better Website? Put it to the Test!

My new friend

After viewing the photo, I looked for the email sign-up box.  Full disclosure: My job is to help nonprofits succeed at list-building and email marketing so this is an important feature that I always look for on websites.

Unfortunately, there is no sign-up box on Lets Give Them Hope.  Bad news.  Why?  It means that there is no way for me to ENGAGE with this organization unless I make a donation, which I'd never do on a first date!

Rule #3:  Turn your website into a list-building tool by putting an email sign-up box on EVERY page of your website.  This will enable you to build your database, stay in touch with constituents, and convert them into donors over time.


We are a Christian non-profit organization building Care points of hope in vulnerable communities across sub-Saharan Africa where HIV/AIDS, poverty and numbers of orphans are highest and support structures are very low. Our ministry is aimed in skill building and raising up talent which can be used in the future.
Rule #4:  In ALL of your marketing materials (this means your website too), use words and images that make your mission concrete.  Stay away from buzz words and phrases that are well understood by organizational insiders but mysterious to outsiders. Remember: I am totally new to your organization!

Finally, I clicked on the Donate button.

Unfortunately, this part of the website is not complete.  Still, here are some tips for ensuring that "your site as a whole is a machine which generates financial support."  (This great quote is from Measure Everything by Shabbir  Imber Safdar.)

Rule #5: Make your donate button BIG And BOLD so that people can find it!  And, put it on every page of your site.

Rule #6: Streamline your donation form.  Only ask for critical information.  This will reduce donation form abandonment.

Rule #7: Put a link to your privacy policy on your donation form to assure people that their credit card information is safe.

For more advice on building and optimizing donation pages on your site, see The 2010 Overachiever's Guide to Year-End Fundraising


Norman Reiss said...

Jocelyn, thanks for the great tips.

Adonis said...

Hi, this is Adonis, thanks a lot for this, i really appreciate it. I will work on it and make it much better. Thanks again.

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