Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Day to Vote for Your Favorite NTEN Session!

Are you attending the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in March 2011?  If so, be sure to vote for your favorite sessions TODAY.  There are HUNDREDS to choose from.

Also, please vote for the sessions below that will feature ME!  To vote, go to the links below and click on the appropriate star.  (Think 5 = Double Rainbow)


To Diversify and Beyond: Engagement, Accountability and Nonprofits

Yes, I'm still talking about diversity!  :) What it is.  Why nonprofits need to think about it and how to do it.

Miss Manners @ NTC: Online Communication Etiquette 

You're online. What now?  And, where are you manners?  Be sure that you are communicating effectively and with the utmost care with all of your supporters.  This session will include my brilliant frolleagues Sarah Durham, Prinicipal and Founder of Big Duck and Katya Andresen, Chief Operating Officer of Network for Good.

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