Friday, October 1, 2010

Content, Content, Content

I just read a great post by my dear friend, Katya Andresen, author of Nonprofit Marketing Blog, which provides a great overview of ComScore's new study on how people are using the Internet in Canada. 

After giving us some great stats, she concludes that bad content is still a deal breaker. 
"These tools only work well when they are used to share amazing content.  Nonprofits take heed:  the tools are cool but if you use them to transmit tired message, they won’t do you much good."
I couldn't agree more.  It's such an important message but one that is clearly hard to INTERNALIZE for many.  (You know who you are!)

So I thought I'd create a list of my top 5 resources for helping you to create better content.  Any resources that you love that I missed?


1. Copyblogger is hands down the best blog for learning to write (you guessed it) COPY for the Web.  I read it everyday.  You should too!

2. Andy Goodman is still one of my favorite storytellers and has some great FREE resources for helping nonprofits perfect the art of storytelling via PowerPoint, in particular.

3. Storycorps "provides Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our times."  NPR broadcasts many of their stories.  You can also listen to them via the Storycorps website.  They will inspire you to seek out, record, and share the PERSONAL stories of the PEOPLE attached to your cause, including your own!

4., which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design is a website which hosts "riveting talks by remarkable people."  Again, check out TED to get inspired to create your own great narratives.  Start with the talk below.

Annie Lennox: Why I am an HIV/AIDS activist

5. The Mercifully Brief Real World Guide to Raising Thousands (if Not Tens of Thousands) of Dollars with Email by Madeline Stanionis, CEO and Co-Founder of Watershed gives you exactly what it promises - a BRIEF and PRACTICAL overview of how to succeed with email marketing.  As you know, email is still the key driver of online giving.  (You know this, right?)  Be sure to master Chapter 5 - Compose Yourself.

13 comments: said...

Thanks for the shout-out - and more important, thanks for the amazing list of resources. These are terrific!

Caleb Galaraga said...

Copyblogger is hands down one of the best blogs for copywriting on the web, I especially like their headline writing course.

Our main tactic is content marketing and I couldn't agree more with you in saying that high-quality, amazing content that's worth sharing is what truly wins the game in any social media marketing campaign.

Mazarine said...

I also like Problogger, and Yaro Starak's blog,

However, one of the best ways to create new content is to go to other people's blogs and see what they're talking about.

Especially in your cause area.



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