Monday, November 1, 2010

How WHOLE is Your Heart?

  • Are you afraid to speak up?
  • Do you worry that you are not enough?
  • Do you pretend to be dumber or smarter than you are?
  • Are you hiding for fear of people finding out the truth about you?
This inspiring TED talk by Brene Brown confirms what many of us forget but already know.  Having an open and WHOLE heart means being vulnerable.  It means showing the parts that hurt and being willing to risk embarrassment, fear and shame.

Vulnerability or "the state of being exposed" is not comfortable.  In fact it can make you feel anxious, sleepless and tense.  But that is not the point.  The point is that it being vulnerable is the bridge to get us to the other side.  To enable us to commune with each other. 

Every time you risk loving someone who doesn't love you back.  Every day you say "hello" first.  Every minute you listen deeply instead of talking.  You sow the seeds of trust.  You also exercise your own emotional muscles.

Tell the truth about who you are, where you stand, and what you believe.  Live with compassion.

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Allyson Kapin said...

Thank you for sharing this Jocelyn. I loved the presentation.