Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Want Better Fundraising Results? Build Better Relationships.

  • Are you ready to make a significant change in the way that you communicate, cultivate and collaborate with donors this year?  
  • Want tips on how to get closer to your donors?
  • Ready to lose those 10 extra pounds?  (OK, just checking to see if you're paying attention.)
Start the New Year off right, by joining my friend - the fabulous Katya Andresen - and me for a FREE webinar on Tuesday, January 11 at 1:00 EST called How Strong Relationships Can Increase Fundraising Results in 2011.

Katya will review findings from Network for Good's landmark Online Giving Study.  (For a sneak peak, check out my review of the study here.)  We'll also be talking about the Lost Art of Donor Engagement.  Hopefully you'll get some good ideas on how you can reinvigorate your fundraising in 2011 by building strong relationships.

A formal description of the webinar is below.  Register now!


How Strong Relationships Can Increase Fundraising Results in 2011

Network for Good's landmark Online Giving Study examined nearly $400M in donations to 66,470 different nonprofits to identify trends in online giving across nonprofits' websites, donations portals and social networks.  The key finding?  It's all about relationships! 

Join Katya Andresen from Network for Good and Jocelyn Harmon from Care2 as they discuss nonprofit online outreach and fundraising in 2011.  In addition to presenting the study's findings, they'll address:
  • How to strengthen relationships with your current donors
  • Ways to identify and cultivate new supporters
  • Where (and when) to focus your online activities


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