Monday, May 16, 2011

Marketing and Love?

Is it heretical to put marketing and love in the same sentence?

Love is pure and blind and all things good.  Right?

Marketing is manipulative and evil. 


It turns out that LOVE is equivocal and MARKETING may just be your best friend if you have a measure of respect for your "audience."

A good friend once told me that all marketing seeks to create an intimate bond between two people.  If this is true than instead of CMO your title should be Chief Love Officer.

People crave connection and long for an intimacy that is similar to what you experience in romantic love. That's why Drew Barrymore sells me cosmetics and Princess Kate could sell me anything.

I'm not a romantic (well maybe I am) but I like this notion of good marketing = deep respect, humility and care for another.

What do you LOVE most?  How would you sell it to your closest friend?




Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog since I am trying to come up with a word that captures the idea of marketing but isn't the word marketing! Because of donor constraints, we need to be careful in what we call some areas of our work, even though the actual work of inspiring people, telling stories, doing videos, planning communications, tends to fall under the title Marketing in most orgs.

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