Thursday, July 21, 2011

Be Yourself But Just a Little Bit Better

Today I got the opportunity to talk about fundraising and communications with some great folks at the Bridge Conference.

One of the things I stressed is that BEING HUMAN is SO important in contemporary communications.

People are TIRED of corporate-speak.  We DON'T TRUST and IGNORE unclear, jargon-laden communications.  Instead, we all crave REAL, AUTHENTIC connection in our lives and REAL, AUTHENTIC connection comes from being personal and vulnerable - in short, human.

But what does it mean to be human anyway?

In my book, it means being yourself but just a little bit better.  You know what I mean.  The kinder, gentler, clearer version of You!

Check this list twice before sending outbound communications.

1. Does this sound like me?
2. Is this how I would talk to a friend?
3. Do I believe what I'm writing?

If not, rinse and repeat. 

Every word you utter, every note you sing can lift people up or break them down or worse BORE them to death.  In addition, every time you speak from your heart, you grow a little bit stronger.

Take care in how you communicate.

Warmest regards,


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