Monday, July 11, 2011

Google Tools for You!

What would we do without Google?

It's hard to imagine a world without this search engine which allows us to find information on ANYTHING.

Just this weekend, I used Google to navigate to the Splash Park, figure out what time it was in Hawaii (I'm time zone challenged) and research scooters.  (Can you tell I'm a mom?)

And yet, Google is MUCH more than a search engine, it's also a great platform for:

1. Collaborating on projects and keeping everyone in your organization organized. - Google Docs
2. Staying abreast of important news and following other thought leaders in your field. - Google News and Reader
3. Starting your new blog. - Blogger
4. Hosting and sharing video. - YouTube
5. Advertising your nonprofit. - Google Ad Words
6. Analyzing the performance of your website so that you can make it work better. - Google Analytics

And, soon it may be a great platform for social networking! - Google+

HubSpot, the company that helps small businesses, including mine, do inbound vs. outbound marketing has put together this very helpful FREE white paper to help you get the most out of Google.  It's called 7 Google Tools to Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness.  You should read it.

To learn more about how Google can help your organization be better, faster and more efficient, check out Google for Nonprofits.



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Kyle Lacy said...

I find myself googling things constantly throughout the did we survive without it before??