Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Online Fundraising Open 24 Hours!

Southwest Airlines charges me more to buy a ticket via the phone vs. via their website.

Ann Taylor Loft offers me special discounts ONLY when I shop online.

My bank can't stand sending me monthly statements and is always urging me to manage my account online.

These companies are smart because 1) they know that I "live" online and 2) e-commerce is cheaper than offline commerce.  Thus, by shopping and engaging with them online I'm saving them money!

Here's my question: Is it possible for us to do something similar with nonprofit fundraising?  Can we actively encourage more of our donors to give online?  Are there incentives that we can offer to make online giving irresistible?  Can we penalize donors who give offline vs. online?  (I know.  Sounds crazy.  But has anyone tried it?)

Why? Online fundraising costs less than offline fundraising!  By lowering the cost of fundraising we can increase our Return on Investment.

Please email me at if you know of any organizations that are actively encouraging offline donors to give online.  I'm looking for some good case studies. 



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Norman Reiss said...

Interesting idea, Jocelyn, but I think you still have to give constituents multiple ways to interact and let them decide how.