Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's Your Greatest Purpose?

What is your greatest purpose in life? 

What do you LOVE about your work, employees, employer, clients, donors and colleagues?

What gets your juices flowing?

What gets you up and excited every day?

Conversely, which activities suck you dry?

What makes you want to go home and sleep?

What do you ALWAYS put LAST on your list?

This is my Sunday sermon.

Know your greatest purpose in your professional and personal life. 

It will provide the road map you need and create a laser-like focus for what you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T do.

Don't be seduced by the dailiness of life, and get mired in a million details.  You will lose your way.

Instead, LISTEN for why you are here and seize the opportunity to live your highest calling.




Jim Siegel said...

An inspirational sermon, Jocelyn! Thanks! -- Jim

Mazarine said...

My greatest purpose is to be of service to others,

And then to make the world a little more beautiful.

Sometimes I get to do both of those!

I love that I get to work surrounded by people I love to be around, every day.

Exercise in the morning gets my juices flowing. How about you?

Looking forward to connecting with you Jocelyn,


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