Monday, July 25, 2011

When in Rome...

My frolleagues (friends and colleagues), Moira Kavanaugh Crosby and Eliza Temeles of the fundraising firm, MKDM, have written a great chapter in a new book called, The Art & Science of Multichannel Fundraising, published by DirectMarketing IQ.

In Developing the Creative and a Message That Works Across Multiple Channels, they outline 7 tips for multichannel success.

My favorite is Tip #1: What You Say – and How You Say It – Depends on the Channel. 

According to Moira and Eliza, “When in Rome, approach your multichannel messaging and adapt the language and style of the medium.”  This is so important!  NO ONE wants to read a 2 – 4 page direct mail letter via email and NO ONE wants to read a 300-word email as a Tweet. (Actually, it's not even possible!)  Getting multi-channel communications right, definitely means mastering the tone, style and vernacular of each media.

Tip #3: Develop Your Issue First, Before Selecting Channels is also important. 

Too often, I see nonprofits getting excited about channels vs. messaging.  This is like focusing on the furnishing before buying a house!  Per Moira and Eliza, “At its heart, any campaign is about an issue… This means your campaign should focus on an issue that the largest number of your donors, supporters and friends are passionate about.” 

Finally, in Tip #6, Moira and Eliza encourage nonprofits to “Plan a Cohesive Campaign, Not a Series of Individual Efforts."  By doing this, “each channel and communication…adds something new to the conversation, while reiterating the primary message.”

To read the rest of their tips and review 8 real life case studies of nonprofits trying to master multi-channel communication, buy The Art & Science of Multichannel Fundraising today! 



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