Monday, August 15, 2011

Do You Have a Personal Board of Directors?

Do you have a personal board of directors?

Do you have 5 - 10 friends and/or colleagues that you can rely on to tell you the TRUTH about how you're doing in your work and personal life?

We've all heard of the concept of mentoring but I came across the idea of a having a personal board of directors while reading Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton this weekend.

I like the idea of have a posse that you can go to for frank advice about your career, leadership style, work challenges and opportunities, etc.  What a gift to have a few people who you can talk to about ANYTHING!

Do a quick audit of your current colleagues and friends and consider asking a few folks to engage in a more formal relationship with you.  Then, start checking in with these folks quarterly or twice a year to share updates on your life and get feedback.  This will enhance your leadership skills and give you a great sounding board for what's next.


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