Monday, August 29, 2011

Do You Miss Me?

My daughter’s martial arts school has mastered the art of customer service. 

It’s not one big thing that they do well.  It’s lots of little actions, which make us feel like her school is more of a community than a business and keep us coming back and PAYING more!

Here is an example of Black Belt Martial Arts Center’s customer service in practice.  

When Talli misses class for a week, we often receive a simple communication, such as the email above or a handwritten postcard signed by one of her instructors to let us know that they miss us! 

These communications serve three purposes.  1) They remind us that we actually missed class!  (Sometimes I get so scattered that I can’t even remember if we made it to class last Wednesday!)  2) They serve as mini-guilt trips (small doses of guilt can be motivating) to make sure that we are fulfilling our obligations as parents to ensure that her training stays on schedule.  3) They make my husband and I feel like we’re still getting our money’s worth even though Talli isn’t training.  Wow!

In sales, we would call this an effective touch point – a quick but deliberate communication – to stay top of mind.

It’s also good business.

Remember: Good customer service is not an end in itself.  (Although, it sure does make work more fun!) It’s actually a critical business function, which if executed correctly will increase the strength and the financial VALUE of your relationships with donors.

What can you do to improve customer service at your nonprofit?  In other words, how can you delight your current donors and make sure that they stay happy and keep investing in your work?

As we head into year-end fundraising season, try improving your customer service. 

Answer the phone CHEERFULLY, send a handwritten note to your donors, create a homemade video of your staff, send a fun, light and kind email focused on ME! 

You may be surprised to find that the small stuff goes a LONG way to strengthening your relationships with your donors and increasing their loyalty to you.



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