Friday, September 9, 2011

7 Reasons I'm Not Going to Donate to Your Nonprofit

  1. I've never heard of you.
  2. I don't really understand what you do.
  3. I'm not clear how my gift will make a difference.
  4. No one else gives to you or I can't tell if they do.
  5. I can't find your donation form.
  6. It's hard to use your donation form.
  7. You haven't asked.
Can you turn these objections around?
  1. Start to build a presence for your org and even more importantly for the people who work in your org on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Get your name out there!
  2. Nail your "elevator speech" on your website in ONE SENTENCE.  And provide concrete examples of what you've accomplished thus far.
  3. "Merchandise your mission" by providing me with concrete examples of what my $25, $50 or $100 gift will do.  This doesn't mean that you have to restrict my gift to these activities but it does mean that you will help me understand what my gift can do.
  4. Provide testimonials from OTHER donors and funders on your site.  Show who else has given, how much and why.
  5. Put your donate button on EVERY page of your website.
  6. Require the minimum amount of information necessary for me to make a donation.
  7. ASK for my support!



      Esther James said...

      Great post! In my own experience, I almost always donate to a nonprofit when a friend asks me to (because she has donated or is volunteering and wants to expand her impact). This ties into almost all of the reasons that you listed, especially reason #1 (I've never heard of you); #4 (No one else gives to you or I can't tell if they do); and 7) You haven't asked. Getting friends of the nonprofit to do more asking on its behalf can really help!

      Fantastic actionable tips -- thanks!

      Anonymous said...

      You forgot that some people won't donate to a non-profit because of previous horrible experiences actually doing so. I've donated to a domestic violence center while not in a great situation myself, and demanded NO MAILINGS. Guess what happened? A mailing, with the acronym right on the envelope, as if no abuser knows what "DV" stands for. Did they care when I called to complain? Nope. Now I'll just keep my money and take my material donations to the dump or give to friends instead.

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