Monday, September 19, 2011

Being Generous

Being generous.  It's insanely hard to do.

I don't know about you but I beat myself up every day for being so self-absorbed.

  • Am I making the right decisions at work?  
  • Will I ever lose those five pounds?
  • Why didn't I mail the bills on time?
  • Why didn't my husband go grocery shopping on Sunday?
  • How am I ever going to pick up my daughter from school on time and exercise as planned?

If I am mindful enough to STOP all of the chatter, I realize that this narcissism prevents me from SEEING the world anew and recognizing all of the things that ARE GOING WELL.  It also leads me away from helping others.

How can I step outside of myself; how can I quiet my mind long enough to FOCUS on others?

There are simply more important things to pay attention to, including:
  • The child who goes to sleep every night without food.
  • The elderly woman who is dying a slow death without family near.
  • The family that has no place to call home.
Help me break through my malaise - this self-imposed, self-indulgent way of being in the world, that leaves me feeling isolated, upset, and unnecessarily unfulfilled.

I can do better.  You can do better.  We can set aside our private, petty concerns and do something bigger in the world!

Maybe I won't lose 5 pounds.  Maybe I'll never get to the bus stop on time.  Maybe dinner will ALWAYS start out frozen!

Who cares?

We are SO MUCH MORE than our petty little minds would have us believe.

No one is waiting for me to be perfect.  Everyone is hoping that I will show up, smile, pay attention and do the best that I can.

XO, jocelyn


Britt Bravo said...

Beautiful post, Jocelyn.

Angela said...

Amen! Thank you & bless you!

Blake said...

Love this. My thoughts exactly. Thanks for sharing.

Jocelyn said...

Dear Britt, Angela and Blake,

Thanks so much for your kind feedback. I love that you liked the post.

Warmest regards,


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