Monday, October 10, 2011

Nonprofit Marketing Talent is Hard to Find. Linkedin Can Help.

This is a guest post by Geri Stengel from Ventureer. Enjoy!

How Will You Fill Your Nonprofit’s Staffing Gaps? 

According to a new survey from, a lot of nonprofits are planning to hire in 2012 and many of them will be looking for hard-to-find fundraising and communication talent. But most of them have no budget for recruitment.

Oops! That’s not going to work too well. Recruitment needed and no budget to do so.

But, hey, this is the age of social media, which now gives us social recruiting. The king of social recruiting is LinkedIn, that massive database of resumes, accomplishments, and connections. LinkedIn has new tools to make recruiting faster, cheaper, and easier.

You can do a lot for free, using Advanced Search but to really mine that database, you want to look at LinkedIn Recruiter. It’s fee-based but LinkedIn will be giving discounts to eligible nonprofits.

Where’s the talent?

The LinkedIn database allows you to search for people using all kinds of parameters, from zip code to skill set, from volunteer activities to education level. Say, your nonprofit sees social media looming larger in its marketing mix. You may want someone with Facebook and YouTube experience. Just use those keywords as your search terms and see the wealth of talent you can choose from.

LinkedIn Recruiter expands your reach, allows you to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for, gives you tools to track the progress of contacts and interviews, and lets you contact candidates easily through LinkedIn.

You’ll even get links to passive candidates, those not actively looking for a new position but who may be ideal for your organization.

In other words, LinkedIn is a lot like hiring a search firm but it costs less.

How do you look to the candidates?

LinkedIn is not just about recruiting the best candidates. It’s also about looking good to the people you want to recruit. You want to be wanted.

Candidates will access information about your company, its leaders, and its mission. Make that information easy to find, vibrant, and inviting.

Your organization, board members, top staff, and key volunteers should have up to date, interesting profiles -- interesting, not resume-bland. Candidates want to know your personality as well as the good you do when deciding whether to accept your invitation for an interview.

Take an hour out on Oct. 13 to learn more about LinkedIn’s social recruiting tools in Ventureneer’s free webinar - How to Use LinkedIn for Nonprofit Staff Recruitment. It’s the first step to getting your marketing team ready for 2012.

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