Thursday, December 1, 2011

Help End Hunger This Holiday Season

What do Kevin Bacon, Lindsay Lohan, Jeff Bridges, Charlie Sheen, Jeff Gordon and John Stamos have in common?

They are all participating in a 6-day campaign to help end hunger in the U.S.!

From Dec. 1 (today!) until Dec. 6., these celebrities, their friends (and you?!) will be raising money to help end hunger.  A new charity will benefit each day. 

Check out the video below, learn more about the campaign and donate if you can.



P.S.  Full disclosure: This campaign is powered by Network for Good where I work.


Anonymous said...

I think the 6 day event would be a success if more people get on the band wagon. I work with several fundraisers and can possibly have something setup for that time frame.
Mike Melancon
Marketing Director

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