Saturday, April 21, 2012

Don't Hate. Appreciate!

  • Want to improve productivity at your organization?
  • Want to reduce the cost and stress of employee turnover?
  • Want to consistently create awesome experiences for your donors, members, clients and volunteers?
Learn how to APPRECIATE and practice APPRECIATION at work!

According to The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People by Gary Chapman and Paul White, "70 percent of people in the United States say they receive no praise or recognition in the workplace."  Yikes!  As you can imagine, this lack of appreciation and praise is a MAJOR cause of job dissatisfaction.  And dissatisfaction leads to low productivity, morale and ultimately performance. 

The bottom line: If you want people to stay at work and do a good job you have to help them feel satisfied.  You do this in large measure by expressing your appreciation.

Here's the trick.  According to Chapman and White, we all have different languages of appreciation.  For example, while I might (Hint: I do!) love to hear verbal praise about my performance, others abhor public accolades.  They prefer tickets to the game or help from colleagues when the workload gets crazy.

Read The 5 Languages of Appreciation to learn your own appreciation style and ask your colleagues and employees to do the same.  This will enable you to hit the recognition target every time.




Paul White said...

Jocelyn, thanks for your recommendation of our book. Also, for a quick start, we have a free handout "How to Show Appreciation to Your Volunteers" on the book website,

Paul White, PhD, coauthor, 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.

Jocelyn said...


It's my pleasure! I learned so much from your book and hope that many other nonprofit professionals will read it and act on your advice.

Warmest regards,


Non-profit Web Site said...

Looks like this is similar to The 5 Love Languages of an individual. But it's true, a light pat on the back or a sincere "Good job!" goes a long way for employees.

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