Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's on Your Nightstand This Summer?

My frolleagues (friends and former colleagues) at Care2 compiled this great list of nonprofit reads for the summer.  I thought I'd share my contribution with you.

I'm reading The Culting of Brands: Turn Your Customers Into True Believers by Douglas Atkin.

In this age where we are so focused on personalization, segmentation and one-to-one marketing, I'm eager to be reminded about the power of COMMUNITY and how much we need and crave the meaning and belonging communities provide.  Douglas Atkins studied cults to try to understand how they work and can apply to brands and I would say nonprofits and causes.

We talk about this so much in the nonprofit community but most of us don't do it well.

How do we create a sense of COMMUNITY around our causes?

How do we help our donors, members, advocates, volunteers, board members, clients, etc. feel a PASSIONATE sense of belonging and meaning through their affiliation with our work?

If you can create community, you can create intense loyalty, participation and MOVEMENT for your cause.

To learn more about the book and see Douglas Atkins in action, check him out above.

What are you reading this summer to help improve your fundraising and marketing mojo?



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