Monday, June 24, 2013


I've been thinking about email marketing lately. (I know.  Slow news day. :)

Raising money via email is still the primary way to raise money online.  

But how the heck do you do it well?

Here are my not so secret tips!

Acquire email addresses!  

You are doing this through your site, right?  But also consider acquisition through channel partners, like corporate sponsors and Care2. I've written a lot about this.

Write great copy!  

I'm a big fan of "1 email, 1 ask." Think Obama campaign. People are busy and don't have time to wade through rambling e-newsletters.  Also, giving your donors, advocates, volunteers, and clients CLEAR instruction on the 1 thing that they can do next is helpful.

Design a good email.

The great thing about email is that it costs pennies to test. Try including different images to boost response rate. Try killing everything but SHORT text.  See what happens!

Measure results.

At my organization, we track 4 metrics:
  • Open Rates - What % of people read our email?
  • Click Through Rates - What % of people were interested enough in our content to follow a link?
  • Response Rates - What % of people did what we asked them to do?!
  • Unsubscribes - What % of people never want to hear from us again? (Hopefully, this is always LOW)!

Check out the great infographic above from NTEN and M+R Strategic Services to see how your email efforts stack up!

What are your tips for better email marketing success? Reply in the comments.



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